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Katandra Gardens

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News from Katandra Gardens

News Releases 2005

Katandra Gardens received international recognition with the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society in January 2005
The Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS)  devoted its January edition to Australian plants and gardens.
Mike Nelhams curator of  Tresco Abbey Gardens on the Isles of Scilly wrote an article titled  "High points & highlights."
In the article we read:  "For those lucky enough to travel to Australia, Mike Nelhams has scoured the country and selected his favourite horticultural sights to see and gardens to visit."
" A trip to Australia would be a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in the amazing plants and unforgettable scenery to be found there."
In the article by Mike Nelhams he listed:
1.    Eucalyptus ficifolia
2.    Valley of the Giants in Western Australia.
3.    Banksia Grandis
4.    Acacia
5.    Geralton wax flower.
6.    Kings Park and Botanical Garden, Perth
7.    Australian National Botanic Gardens, Canberra
8.    Katandra Gardens, Melbourne
9.    Bluff Knoll, Western Australia
10.  The Gloucester Tree, in Western Australia

Eucalyptus ficifolia at Katandra Gardens

Of Katandra Gardens Mike wrote:
"Less than an hour's drive from Melbourne are Katandra Gardens, one of the hidden delights of the gardening world.  Originally purchased in 1976 as a working orchard, owners Bob & Dot O'Neill have transformed their plot into the most wonderful garden.  In the early days of the gardens's development Dot was keen to 'plant a few gum trees' to break up the orchard.  these were duly planted and soon after the couple developed an interest in other Australian flora, quickly adding more native plants as the garden quickly doubled in size.
Now the garden extends to 3.5ha (9acres) and is only stopped from further expansion by farming fencelines.  It is a fascinating garden with a good range of Australian wildflowers and collections of sweetly scented Acacia, spectacular Banksia and their relatives Grevillea, Dryandra, Telopea and drumstick flowered Isopogon, Correa, Pomaderris, Hibbertia and Prostanthera.  Visitors can walk along meandering grass paths and through small glades that open onto a lake.  The lake has become something of a bird sanctuary for the 75 species spotted there.  In fact, 'katandra' is aboriginal for 'song of birds'."


Bob Wins Awards
Last year Bob was awarded "Ornamental Gardener of the Year 2005" with Gardening Australia.

Bob and the garden was filmed and shown on T.V. on August 20th, 2005.

An article on Bob and his achievements was written in the magazine "Gardening Australia" in their September 2005 edition.
Bob was later awarded by ABC Gardening Australia the prestigious award of :

"Australian Gardener of the Year 2005."

It was filmed and then shown on TV. on
Sat and Sun 12th and 13th November 2005.

An article for the magazine "Gardening Australia" was included in the December 2005 edition of 'Gardening Australia."


Wattle View Bed and Breakfast garden cottage was completed just before Christmas 2005

Wattle View Cottages was ready for occupancy in late 2005 and has a spacious lounge, full kitchen facilities and a large corner spa.

Click Here to see the cottage.

The cottage has magnificent views out over the garden, the lake and the Yarra Valley to the mountains of the "Great Dividing Range."

Or Click Here to see the cottage.



News Releases 2006
A New Garden Reception Centre

At present great work is happening near the entrance as we plan a new area where Katandra Gardens gifts can be displayed and the "Katandra Gardens DVD can be played. This area will also be used to welcome groups to the garden and give them an introduction to the gardens before the guided tour begins.


Boardwalk and Rainforest Walk at Katandra Gardens

Finally the wetland area flanking the lake has been bridged by a 50m long boardwalk and the walk through the rainforest completed. The boardwalk and rainforest pathway form the final link that completes a mile long path system that wends its way through the gardens.The wetlands have been planted out with reeds, creating a haven for wildlife where the waterbirds are a delight to watch and the frogs in season produce a deafening chorus. This is now a magnificent all weather, native garden which coach tour groups and smaller groups can visit at any time of the year. Many B&B guests delightedly take up the offer of a guided tour by the hosts Bob and Dot.
The boardwalk blends in peacefully with the idyllic setting. Without leaving the friendly path, one is now able to explore for an hour or so, absorbing the collection of the alpine plants, the weird wonders of the arid zones, the tropical rainforest flora and the wetlands. When youlooks back through the rainforest, the palms, the wetlands, across the boardwalk, lake and gardens to the ranges you know that you are in paradise on earth.


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