Yarra Valley, Dandenongs and the Ranges, Wandin, Melbourne, Australia
Katandra Gardens

All cottages have extensive view

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Babel Fish Translation 




Grass Tree

28th  September, 05
From Williamstown to Wandin
We travelled by car.
It was worth the effort
To travel that far.
At Dot and Bob’s
It was too good for words,
In a beautiful garden
Hearing the song of birds.
So it was no surprise
That we did hear
That Dot and Bob had won
Australian Gardener of the year!
‘Cos love is what’s needed
To make things grow
That’s why Dot and Bob
Will reap what they sow.
Guests from Williamstown, Vic.

'Epacris impressa'
Commonly called 'Heath'
One of the many spectacular Australian native plants growing at Katandra Gardens.


The sun has kissed the mountains
And heralded the dawn.
The birds send out the chorus
a new day has been born.

Mountains in the distance
An array of coloured hues,
Loom so large yet silently
In lavenders and blues.

A veil of mist lies gently
Such riches to behold.
Teasing with what lies underneath
More precious, by far, than gold.

So glorious the picture
Only one could paint this scene,
Flowers placed like jewels
Amongst the velvet green.

Looking for the answers?
For wonder and for grace
Search no more for majesty
You'll find it in this place.

      written by one B&B guests taken by the beauty at Katandra Gardens.


Absolutely fabulous.  A blessed place to stay.  May your beautiful gardens bring peace and joy to many, many other people.  Thank you Dot and Bob for all the love and care you show your guests – all those little extra touches that make it more than an ordinary ‘B&B’ into something really special.  God Bless you both. We look forward to returning again one day.          (Honeymooners from New Zealand - 6th - 13th Oct 05)

Dear Bob and Dot,
Thank you so much for your very warm welcome and kind hospitality.  We very much appreciated the cosy-homely accommodation with lots of special touches like the welcome message, chocolate and toffees.  But most of all thankyou Bob for the tour of the garden and thank you to both of you for all the work you have put into creating such a beautiful, peaceful environment.  We look forward to seeing you again.
(Guest having a relaxing weekend stay - 7th, 8th, 9th Oct 05)

To Bob & Dot.Thank You so much for letting us share your garden of Eden.  Anybody who visits will have no doubt of God’s beauty and creation.  Just from reading other people’s comments you have obviously touched many lives.  Carry on your wonderful work and thankyou.  God Bless You.                       (Guests from New Zealand - 21st - 22nd Oct 05)

Perfect way to begin our marriage together.  Beautiful gardens, lovely sunshine, perfect cottage with all the lovely special touches you provided for us.  Bless you both so much for your kindness to us.     P.S. Love your poems!                       (Honeymooners - 23rd Oct 05)

This really is a unique garden, we were very impressed by the large amount of different native plants.  And also so well kept.  Thanks very much for your hospitality and interesting information.                                                (Guests from the Netherlands - 12th Nov 05)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Beautiful place, service brilliant, and the bed was great.  Congratulations again on your garden award.  Well deserved.  Will certainly recommend you to our friends and associates.                                       (Guests 14th Nov 05)

Perfect way to celebrate the 44th anniversary of our marriage.  This is the first time we have celebrated in this way and you have made it very special, Dot and Bob.  Your lovely garden sends us into raptures. The delightful way you prepare the cottage, with those special extra touches, is deeply appreciated.  Thanks also Bob for your inspiring tour.  It’s an honour to learn more about gardening from the “Gardener of the year.”  God bless you both.  
Celebrating a wedding anniversary - 17th Nov 05)

Thankyou for offering us a piece of your paradise.  We thought we lived in the heart of the garden state, but the natural surrounds, here within, shall draw us back time and time again.  We spent but one night with our sick child and we shall endeavour to return for another taste of your hospitality.  
                         (Guests attending a function at a local winery - 27th Nov 05)

You both deserve an award, not only for gardening but as warm, caring and giving people.
 The small things impress us more than anything else and they are here in abundance. 
You have shown us a new direction and invigorated us to start again in some parts of our gardening. 
                                      (Guests celebrating a birthday - 28th - 30th Nov 05)

Now.. Only a short trip but I will return to enjoy the amazing calm and refreshing feel to this place – You two are so sweet and complete the experience.   Thanks so much Bob & Dot                                                                   (American guest - 4th - 6th Dec 05)

Thankyou Bob & Dot for a great backdrop for the wedding.  The gardens look beautiful in the rain and the native birds “flittering” around when it stopped.  A superb breakfast to help the heavy head and tired body. With appreciation.                           (Guests from Phillip Is - 17th -18th Dec 05)

Bob & Dot, thanks for sharing this delightful retreat and breathtaking gardens.  We’ve had a wonderful and relaxing holiday.  All the little touches and extra attention to detail made us really feel at home.   With thanks.                                    (Guests from NSW - 20-22nd Dec 05)

Hi there Bob and Dot,
Tammy and Rael here, just thanking you for a beautiful weekend at Katandra Gardens. Your garden is much more outstanding in person, however still magnificently beautiful in the pictures on your site. It was a wonderful private getaway adventure, and your hospitality is most worthy of noting. Breakfast was perfect and the spa was wonderful as well.
So Thank you
for a glorious quiet weekend away, we'll be sure to be back in the future.
Cheers, Tammy and Rael.                                             (Guests 7th Jan 06)

Thank you Dot and Bob for making us feel  "at home." The gardens were magnificent and you have put a lot of work into your piece of Paradise. Enjoyed our 'Rummmy-O Nights' very much. Hoping you did also. God bless you both.

Have enjoyed every minute. Stephen definitely got a prod from the Lord to have chosen this special place for us.  Bless you both and thank you for your love and care, and our good laughs together. You made our time here special. Thanks so much Bob for the amount of time you gave us touring this wonderful expanse of colour and beauty. Love & God bless.
                                  (Guests who received a voucher from their son - 4th Feb 06)

A Brilliant 3 days here - We don't want to leave. Thank you Bob and Dot for your hospitality - the little touches in the cottage, the garden tour in fact everything was wonderful. Don't be surprised if you have more Irish visitors out here on our recommendation - As we say in Irish, "Go Raibh mile maith Agat."                                                  (Irish guests - 9th March 06)

If only we could have stayed a few more days. Bob said, "This is the best place to be," and he was right. A unique experience offering total peace and tranquility. We could not have picked a better place to spend our last 3 days in OZ - a recommendation to visit will be given to all our friends. Many thanks to you both.                           (Guests from England - 21st March)

Thankyou Bob and Dot for making our stay in your beautiful garden home so very special. The view, the trees, the flowers and birds are unforgettable, your kindness and personal touches quite humbling. Other side of the world, but somehow 'home.'      (Christine and David Ashton, guests from England 15th April, 06)

Greetings from Singapore via email
Hello Bob and Dot,  Trusts this finds you well.  We're back from our holiday in Victoria and South Australia.  We have had a fantastic time and one of the highlights was to catch up with both of you again!  Enclosed is a pix taken for your keeping!    (Guests from Singapore December, 06)

Our first visit but not our last.  Magnificent gardens, vistas - Very impressive with the cabins -  decore/attention to detail & comfort & consideration shown.  Very much a home away from home.  Thank you and bless you both.  "Peace Perfect Peace whose heart is fixed on You, Oh God"  May that continue to be Yours in the Years to Come.         (Guests from Shepparton December, 06)

Bob and Dot,
Thank you for our wonderful stay at Katandra Gardens, so peaceful.  We are now both well rested for the year ahead.  Congratulations on your beautiful gardens.       (Guests from N.S.W. January 07)

Thank you do much for a wonderful weekend.  Absolutely a fantastic break away from the city noise.  A wonderful place just to take time to listen - a beautiful garden, lovely bird songs. The home was a home with beautiful touches, all those special things, and thank you for the breakfast.  A nice change to be served. Thank you.                                      (Parents of Ellen, Leah and Jenna  January 07)
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