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Katandra Gardens

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Enjoy the Magnificent Dandenong Ranges
while staying at Katandra Gardens
Experience the peace, tranquility, bush scents and birdlife of Katandra Gardens with its 8 acre paradise.

The Dandenong Ranges

The Dandenongs with their lush mountain scenery, their craft shops and restaurants will be a place you will not wish to miss.
No visit to the Dandenongs will be complete without a trip on Puffing Billy as it wends its way through forest glades, tall treeferns and puffs its way to Emerald and back to Belgrave.

Take time to visit the Dandenong Ranges National Park and Sherbrooke Falls.  Hopefully you may catch a glimpse of a lyre bird. Call in at Grant's Picnic Ground to see all the parrots coming down amongst the tourists. 
Enjoy the tall mountain gums and the beautiful tree ferns.
Stop at the craft shops, sit and enjoy afternoon tea looking out over the panoramic views and lush mountain plants.
Do call in to visit William Ricketts Sanctuary with its amazing collection of Aboriginal sculptors. A place of beauty, spiritually reflecting one man's remarkable philosophy.
For the garden lover there are so many places to visit. The National Rhododendron Gardens are set amidst great Mountain Ash with 40 hectares of showcase gardens,  Katandra Gardens with its diverse range of Australian plants is just a short distance away, the Alfred Nicholas Gardens are renowned for their extensive water features and Tesselaars Tulip Farm attracts thousands each year during spring. 
Because of its rich mountain soil the Dandenongs is known for its beautiful gardens and the numerous nurseries and market gardens as well as the lush forest walks and scenery.

 Drive around the Dandenong Ranges searching out the wonderful gardens, the Wandin museum and walk through the Dandenongs parks, walking trails and forests. Take time to ride on Puffing Billy. No visit to the Dandenongs will be complete without a trip on Puffing Billy as it wends its way through forest glades, tall treeferns and puffs its way to Emerald and back to Belgrave.

Tulip Farm. Silvan

Walking through the bushland

Rhodendron Gardens, Olinda

Silvan Reservoir and Park

Warratina Lavender Farm, Wandin

Mont De lancey Homestead, Wandin

Katandra Gardens - Accommodation

Stay at Katandra Gardens so that you can truly enjoy this magnificent part of Victoria. Freely wander along the winding pathways at this truly amazing garden lover's retreat.

Cottages have full kitchen facilities

Enjoying the cottage garden

Queen-sized bed in cottage
Brass bed in Hibiscus Suite

An amazing Garden Lover's Delight

The suite has a large corner spa

Katandra Gardens - Enjoy the Gardens
 An Open Garden Scheme Garden

Featuring Australian Native Plants
Katandra is an Australian aboriginal word meaning "Song of Birds" and in this garden the birds do just that.  Over 75 species of birds have been recorded in the gardens. The property was purchased in 1976 as a working orchard of cherries and plums.  About one acre was cleared of fruit trees to start the home garden in 1977.   In 1989  the cherries and plums were bulldozed and Dot was very keen to have a  few gum trees. These were planted, then Bob, in particular, developed a strong interest in the Australian flora and quickly added more Australian plants and a "few" more gum trees.  Bob learnt how to propogate the Australian plants and soon the garden was doubled in size.  Not content with a small garden the O'Neills soon were looking to add more and more garden beds until today the garden of 8 acres is stopped only by the fencelines. The whole property has been turned into one of the most fascinating of gardens.  An extremely extensive range of Australian "Wildflowers" with numerous collections has been landscaped into mulched garden beds.   The property holds the OPCA collection of Australian Correas or "Bush Bells" as some like to call them.



A quiet stroll around the garden will bring you in close contact with the amazing plant and bird life.


The gardens offer peaceful surrounds, magnificent views, a place to walk around and commune with nature. and an opportunity to see the honeyeaters, blue wrens, wattle birds, fantails, willy wag tails, thornbills, grebes and many other birds which frequent the gardens. Visitors are able to wander the gardens, filming the plants or identifying some of the 70+ species which have been recorded in the gardens over the paast few years.

In 2005 Bob was awarded the prestigious "Gardener of the Year" by ABC's Gardening Australia

New Holland honeyeater sitting on our "acorn banksia"

Bob was presented with the Golden Spade as "Gardener of the Year 2005."

Blandfordia grandiflora or "Christmas Bells" as most people know the plant.

Owners: Dot & Bob O'Neill. 

Phone (03) 5964 4523           (International  +61 3 5964 4523)

 Fax  (03) 5964 4605              (International  +61 3 5964 4605)

Address: 49 Hunter Road, Wandin, Victoria, Australia.  (Melways Map 121 C3)

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