Yarra Valley, Dandenongs and the Ranges, Wandin, Melbourne, Australia
Katandra Gardens

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Meet the Hosts

Bob and Dot O'Neill



Bob and Dot first met at High School and after both going to Teachers' College started teaching careers. They have four grown up children and five grandchildren.

In 1975 they purchased their present property as a cherry and plum orchard and farmed it commercially for about 14 years whilst both teaching and bringing up their family. Meanwhile they established about one acre of garden around the house.

In 1989 a tough decision was reached and the orchard was bulldozed. At this point they started planting a few gum trees but it wasn't long before the gum trees had "friends' around them and thus started the native garden. Bob and Dot both love the Australian native plants and the birds and butterflies they attract.

The gardens were started completely by Bob and Dot and the property was named by them. The only original trees are two cherry trees near the house, a row of cypress trees along the boundary (planted by early settlers in the area as a wind-break) and a large pine tree. As Bob says, "You can blame us for any mistakes here as it is all our work."

Dot took up counselling training after retiring from teaching at the end of 1982 and spent some time counselling and being involved in "Care" ministry. At present she is involved in "Kairos Outside" a ministry to women whose loved ones are in gaol, and also corrects Bible Study notes for prisoners in gaols.

Bob also retired from teaching at the end of 1982 and enthusiastically started propagating plants. He now spends time giving talks to interested Probus and Gardening groups.

Bob's deep care for the environment and amazing energy and enthusiasm in gardening was recognized by ABC Gardening Australia when he was awarded the "Gardener of the Year 2005."

Bob and Dot both have lots of energy and tackle whatever they do with enthusiasm and determination. Whenever they meet a challenge they like to meet it head-on.


Hosts: Bob & Dot O'Neill
Katandra Gardens address: 49 Hunter Road. Wandin. Victoria. Australia. 3139.
Telephone: +61 3  5964 4523.  Mobile: 0417 367 499.   Fax: +61 3 59644 605.

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